Sunday, May 3, 2020

Resources for NT 1023 (Prof. Soards, Spring 2020) Final Exegesis Paper

An Introduction to the E.M. White Digital Library (video) and How to Find Full-text Scholarly Articles and Ebook Commentaries for Final Exegesis Paper for NT 1023 (Prof. Soards, Spring 2020)

The video provides a quick introduction to this blog cum digital library. We call it With Much Love: E.M. White Digital Library Services in the time of COVID19 / #HealthyAtHome.

Two exhaustive guides have been created  specially to help Prof. Soards NT 1023 class write their final Exegesis Paper on Luke 9:28-36, with step by step directions and screenshots.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

The library building closed March 20, but staff and student librarians have continued to work from home. We have been serving you and continue to be here to help your successful learning! Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) since the building and campus closed. We hope the FAQ is useful. If you don't see an answer to a question you have, let us know. 

Q. How do I get access to the library's electronic resources? 

A. Check out Remote Access to Electronic Resources in the Library (2 min video) by Ken Schuck, MDiv 2023. 

[Note: We unveiled this aka With Much Love your portal to digital library resources and services, essentially your very own E.M. White Library at home, at the end of March. This is your starting place for library research during COVID19 or #HealthyAtHome, as we call it. We created this new portal because students told me the regular library website was difficult to use and there were a lot of links that did not work. We're making sure that's not the case here, so let us know if something doesn't work or a resource you want cannot be found here. You can also use the regular library website.] 

Q.  My barcode and password does not work. 

A. If your barcode and password does not work, contact the Help Desk

Q. I want to return my library books. 

A. Library books can be returned via the Book Drop that is located outside the library.  Fines accrued during this period will be waived.

Q. I want to keep my books? Will I be charged fines because they are now overdue? 

A.  We highly recommend that all books that are due be returned to the library. This is especially important if you are graduating or going to be leaving for the summer. Return books via the Book Drop box outside the library. Fines accrued during the period of campus closure will be waived. If you are continuing at LPTS and need the books, please contact the Help Desk.

Q. How do I find Ebooks in the library? 

A. Consult the Remote Ebook Access Pictorial Guide by Rachel Lemke, MDiv 202. See also other resources listed below.

Q.  What online resources are available to help me write my final papers?

A. The library is rich in online resources! Some critical new ones are listed below.
The Digital Resources Guide provides an entry into our subscription databases. Use this to find ebooks, full-text scholarly journal articles, citation tools, and more. 
The Open Access Resources Guide provides an entry to openly available resources and is arranged by programs MDiv, MAMFT, MAR.

Additional resources exist for exegesis and other papers and assignments. They include:
Remote Access and Use of Ebook Commentaries from the ATLA Religion Database for Exegesis 
Remote Access and Use of Commentaries and ATLA Religion Database for Exegesis of Exodus: A Pictorial Guide 
PC(USA) Ordination Examinations Guide
How to Use Google Scholar by Donna Phillips, MDiv 2015, MAMFT 2020. 

Q. How do I log into Morgan Discovery, the library catalog? 

A. Check Ken Schuck's How to Log into Morgan Discovery (Library Catalog) -  (3.37 min video). Remember, you only need to login in to check your library a/c, save searches, results, etc.  You do not need to log in to search the catalog.

Q. Are there other videos that can help me with electronic access? 

A.  Ken Schuck, MDiv 2023,  has made a number of videos to help with Redshelf (free digital textbooks for students), Kindle, and more.  The full Playlist is available here:
Q. I need help with my research paper. 

A. In addition to the Digital Resources Guide and the Open Access Guide described above, you can consult the Information Research Toolbox which was created for the students in the SM 1003 Research Methods and Practices course (prof. Garrett and Prof. Coleman). We also highly recommend the Information Literacy Research Companion, an online learning tool (it is also listed in the Toolbox). You must create a free a/c to this trial learning as it does not use the Seminary barcode and password. There is an explanation about this tool, including a link to create a personal account, on this page here.

Q. How do I cite or prepare a bibliography? 

A. Use one of the Seminary standards as shown below:
Chicago Manual of Style 
The Chicago Manual of Style Online is used in the MDiv and MAR programs. Guide to style, usage, and grammar.
APA Style and Grammar Guidelines--From the American Psychological Association website, "The style and grammar guidelines pages present information about APA Style as described in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Seventh Edition." APA Citation Information from the Online Writing Lab at Purdue University.  This covers all the important aspects of writing and citing from the current APA Style Guide.

Q. I have another question that is not answered here. Who can help me?

A. Remember, if you're comfortable using the regular library webpage, you can always consult that: Our library has so much more than we can include here.

If you need personal help, contact the Help Desk. A librarian will respond within 24 hours.

Important Note:  This - - is your digital library, your very own E.M. White Library at home. Your starting place for library research. We created the digital library cum blog because students found the regular library website difficult and to document the library’s online services during COVID19.  Here is a video tour of this blog, just in time for Research and Study Week.


Wednesday, April 29, 2020

T&T Clark Jesus Library (Theology and Religion Online, Bloomsbury Education) Trials

The T&T Clark Jesus Library, part of Theology and Religion Online, a new Bloomsbury resource, is available until the end of May to LPTS students, employees, and faculty as a free trial.  

The Jesus Library offers students and scholars of religion and biblical studies core resources for studying the life of Jesus and his impact in history and culture. The resource contains a brand new reference work on the Reception of Jesus in the First Three Centuries as well as topical articles commissioned exclusively for the resource, written by leading academics. 

Remote access, to the Jesus Library and the Theology Library is available via the Digital Resources Guide  or you can follow this link directly to access the resource. Pictorial guides for these two databases have been created, thanks to LPTS alum the Rev. Shawn Harmon:   T&T Clark Jesus Library Database Guide  | T&T Clark Theology Library Database Guide

In addition, we also have the T & T Clark Theology Library, Bloomsbury Landmark Texts and many other Bloomsbury information resources such as the Bloomsbury Education and Child Studies collections on trial too. Access to these collections is also described in the Digital Resources Guide.  

Remember, for these trials, you will need your Seminary barcode and password. 

Online Help Desk

Friday, April 24, 2020 Video Streaming Service Trial

LPTS students, faculty, and staff now have access to the video streaming service.  Read more about it from our Open Access Guide and get access to try it out! A new login and password is necessary (LPTS students and employees only) and may be received by emailing library at lpts dot edu.

Over 300 individual titles are available in the video streaming service arranged By Approach, By Therapeutic Issue, By Expert, and By Population. The complete list of titles are below: 

Monday, April 20, 2020

Celebrating National Library Week With Contests, video streaming, and more

Dear LPTS Community,

Today, we kick off our celebrations of National Library Week. While this is often only celebrated by public libraries, we would like to celebrate E.M. White Digital Library services in the hope of offering you some respite from the stress of COVID19.  We invite you to join us on Facebook @lptslibrary and @inforesearch for a chance to win some cool gift cards. Here’s a quick preview of what’s coming up.

Monday Contest: Share a funny Zoom photo of your child/pet.
Contests: There will be simple and fun contests. For example, today we invite you to share a photo of your pet or child doing something funny during a Zoom meeting/class. All contests will run until Sunday midnight. Winners will be announced next week and will receive a $25 gift card or otherwise as detailed. So be sure to LIKE us on Facebook! Not on Facebook? Go to our digital library. Look for the Get Posts by Email on the right side below the Library Links, and add your email address in the dialog box. Accept and verify the invitation that will come to your email to start receiving posts. Follow directions in posts to participate. Facebook Contests Contact: Bobi

Videos and more: Vendor love is abounding and we will be sharing selected free resources from important publishers and providers for your healthy learning and leisure. Today, we’re very pleased to share the exciting news of a free trial to the entire catalog of video streaming services. It will be active until June 17. Email Carolyn to get login credentials. Contact: Carolyn

Library Help Desk: library at lpts dot edu

E.M. White Digital Library: