Tuesday, March 31, 2020

"On Call" / Remote Library Work of Student Librarians (Videos)

Curious about how we're working from home?  Check out this 3 min video. It's a conversation between Anita and Ken about what it means to be "on call" while working for the library from home; also, some of the remote work - specific tasks - that student librarians can do to strengthen online library services. Ken, for example, is creating video tutorials for remote access to eBooks and electronic databases, logging into Morgan, etc.

If you've read our other posts, you know what we're doing. We're reframing our call and purpose anew and holding onto the hope that the Sacred Divine has imbued in us and unleashing our creativity even while we learn new skills, information and technology competencies and hone new ones. 

Credits: Ken Schuck, MDiv2023 and Anita Coleman, Dir of Library Services and Assoc. Prof.
Questions? Comments? Do you have suggestions for tutorials, guides, searching and research workshops and other instructional services? Send them to the Library Help Desk:  library at lpts dot edu.

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