Tuesday, March 31, 2020


We are living through some unprecedented times! But of this we can be certain: it is God who establishes us with you in Christ and has anointed us, by putting his seal on us and giving us his Spirit in our hearts as a first installment.

COVID-19 is changing our daily lives, workflows, and even relationships! While we will never be the same again, I am confident that the LPTS learning community will emerge stronger together, and better! We will be better, because we serve an awesome God. We will emerge indomitable because we are Spirit-led to working together, sharing, and collaborating in strong and different ways despite the physical distancing of our sweet community.

This is a blog for LPTS students, faculty and friends about library instruction and help desk services. Library staff at E.M. White Library, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary have now been working from home since March 23. We're into our second week of remote work. Here's a quick recap:

Week #1, starting March 16 was spent on training student librarians, helping faculty figure out online instructional technology needs, scanning course reserves for the rest of the semester, creating a Digital Resources Guide of the library's paid electronic subscriptions, and getting an Online / Virtual Help Desk as well as staff prepared to work from home. We began brainstorming names for our online team. "LIBuilders" emerged inspiring us to be librarian builders; we bridge traditional library services and online instruction, and so much more by creating robust library online services.

Week #2 starting March 23, all of us worked from home and thanks to the vendor love and the opening of publishers' previously restricted content, we shared Redshelf Responds, an initiative for free books to students!

Week #3 started March 30 and we've begun this blog to share in one place, the instructional resources and services that our talented team is creating. We also hope that during the time of #HealthyAtHome this will be your one-stop online LPTS Library. Join us on our uncharted journey of building creative new library support for our beloved LPTS learning communities of students, faculty, employees, alums and our neighbors.  This blog archives it all for our benefit and for the glory of the Divine in whose image we're made and in whose Spirit we continue to live and learn online with imagination, innovation, joy, and hope.

Anita on behalf of the E.M. White Library Team