Friday, April 3, 2020

#FOMOFriday? Never Fear, We got you! With Much Love from the LIBuilders

Dear LPTS Community,

Heard of FOMO, right? Fear of Missing Out. Well, do not fear. The LIBuilders bring you good news, once again! We got you! 😊

LIBuilders is a name our student librarians and staff came up with for our team, during training for working from home. Now, I am proud, honored, thrilled to announce all that our amazing team is creating just for you. In less than 2 weeks!

One, is a set of ~1-min video tutorials on Remote Access Log In and Logging Into Morgan by Ken Schuck, and two step by step pictorial guides on Remote Access to Ebooks in our Library by Rachel Lemke and How to Use GoogleScholar created by Donna Phillips. The top requests received by our virtual Help Desk has been for remote access; we’re so happy that our talented student librarians and peers could step up to do this. We hope it helps you. We also want to give a shout-out to Andy Thomas who helped set up our project management and virtual collaboration workspace. Thank you, Andy, Ken, Donna, and Rachel! Thank you to all of you who’re continuing to use the library. We rejoice in the talent among us!   

Two, With Much Love From The LIBuilders, this new blog is for sharing the good news of E.M. White Digital Library services in support of online instruction at Louisville Seminary. We invite you to make it your one-stop for remote access to E.M. White Library during #HealthyAtHome! Bookmark, Follow/subscribe and get news about emerging library services. There is a navigation bar on the blog/website as well that will lead you much more directly to Remote Access, Morgan, Course Reserves, Syllabi, Library Instruction, Help Desk, and more. No FOMO. We got you covered. We hope our new blog and website provide you with fun learning experiences.

The English poet Walter Savage Landor (Imaginary Conversations) wrote, “Nothing is pleasanter than exploring a Library.”  Join us. Let us bathe our world in love and the light of learning.