Sunday, May 31, 2020

A Pentecost Prayer: Beyond Acknowledging Privilege, Allyship, And Solidarity To Ending Systems Where “I Can’t Breathe” Never Happens Again

After acknowledging privilege there is often little to no discussion of power, wealth, or material resources, and very little discussion or movement towards how one can or should organize themselves to overthrow white supremacy, develop an anti-racist voice and identity, and end the oppression of racism. Some people become ‘Allies’ but very few discuss all that needs to be changed with regard to systems of power and privilege. Will you make a determination today, the Holy Day of Pentecost that you will do more?
This Sunday is when we commemorate the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples, 50 days after Jesus left. The Advocate that Jesus promised was now with the disciples to guide them. The Day of Pentecost is also the day the Christian Church was founded. The Advocate is with you, me, the church. It is time now for all who acknowledge privilege to live beyond acknowledgement. Time for Allies to do more. May we step up to the task with confidence. The Spirit of God is in us, individually, collectively guiding us. May we unite in the cause of justice to end the systems that have caused so many to say “I can’t breathe.” Breath of God, help us. Amen.
Beyond praying this with me, what will you do regularly, consistently, faithfully, to end the racist systems so that not another person will ever again have to say, “I can’t breathe?”
Resources:  Anti-racism Digital Library and Thesaurus,