Monday, August 10, 2020

GenoPro Software for Everyone!

GenoPro is the most intuitive and complete family tree and genogram creation tool.

The seminary has purchased a version of GenoPro that is available for download from the Intranet.  All students and employees are eligible to download the software.   
A genogram is a family tree that includes additional information about the emotional, cultural, and hidden relationships between individuals and their family systems. Genograms are used by family therapists, genealogists, social workers, researchers, and anyone who is interested in discovering patterns and issues in a family. 

GenoPro makes it easy to build simple family trees, but it also allows you to easily and quickly build complex family trees. Not all families are simple.
The software can be downloaded from the link on the Intranet homepage. You want to download from here and not the GenoPro site.  
Students with PCs can download the software directly.Students with Macs have to download a PC emulator first, but the software will work correctly with the emulator.  You can read more about this on the GenoPro website.