Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Logging into Google Classroom

Logging into Google Classroom

By Dr. Sue Garrett, revised by Carolyn Cardwell

Instructions for logging into Google Classroom on a laptop or desktop (instructions for logging in on a phone are below)
  1. Be sure you have your userid and password ready.
  2. Go to   If you aren’t already logged in to Google with this account you will be asked to log in or change to this account.
 Chrome works very well as a browser for use with Google Classroom, but people seem to have good luck with Safari or Firefox as well.
  1. Click on the grid of dots in the upper right corner. This takes you to a collection of Google apps. Scroll down to the one for Google Classroom and click on it. The app looks like this:

  1. Your professor will either have invited you to the class already, or given you a code to join on your own. If you have been invited, there will be a course “tile” there with the name of the course and a blue button that says “join.” If you have been given a code, you should click on the plus sign in the upper right corner, enter the code, and follow the instructions. (Several of the ensuing steps will only have to be done one time.)
  2. Now you should be on the classroom site and you can give yourself a tour. Notice especially the two tabs “Stream” (which is where you will read announcements) and “Classwork” (which is where all your assignments will be listed).
  3. Here are a couple of videos to help you get oriented to Google Classroom:
    2. [warning: This instructor’s demeanor is patronizing, but the video is very informative.]

 Instructions for logging into Google Classroom account on a tablet or phone

  1. Go to, or download the Classroom app (looks similar to the desktop app pictured above).
  2. Thereafter, the instructions are very similar to the ones above.