Thursday, July 30, 2020

Online Drop-in Office Hours starting Sept. 9

Dear Students,

I thought it may be helpful to share and highlight a new library service starting in Fall:  Online, Open, Drop-in Office Hours.

We will start with 3 days of the week during the lunch hour, M, W, and Th.  You can drop in to ask questions about library related matters. Bobi, Carolyn and I will take turns one day of the week each to be available in real time to help.

 This is of course in addition to research and reference consultations, and library workshops that you can request or arrange, besides of course the online learning support help that Carolyn and I are also already providing. Our Online Help Desk also continues. Details about all of these services will be available closer to start of fall and updated on the library portal. Please know that we’re here to help you.

 I am nervous about this fall but I also love libraries – physical, traditional, and yes, digital too. I know the truth of what Ta-Nehisi-Coates wrote about them. “The library was open, unending, and free.” The digital world with its choices and overload is scary but we are blessed by trusted electronic collections, dedicated staff, excellent faculty who care deeply about all of our ongoing formation, and loving students.  All shall be well.


P. S. Here is our new Library bookmark we created for the new student orientation at the end of August. Feel free to download and print a copy.