Friday, July 3, 2020

Recent Additions to the Anti-racism Digital Library

John at the March, Summer 2020
Created by our beloved community members, we have short essays which have been added to the Anti-racism Digital Library. John Randolph and Adrian Baker wrote their reflections especially for the ADL. The essays show how Christian imagination, faith, truthful living, and witnessing become anti-racism-in-action when we follow Jesus Christ with all our heart, mind, body and soul, like God commands.

The Long Hard Fight, A Freedom Chronicle by John Randolph. John documents his John documents his protest and march experiences in Louisville, KY, in the summer month of June 2020. Using his Christian imagination, he meditates on the meaning of Jacob’s wrestling encounter with the Divine for our modern struggle. Despite the pain, John draws to a powerful conclusion. "Joy comes in the morning and joy comes in the mourning." 2 pages.

Jacob as Whiteness by Tyler Mayfield. Interestingly, Professor Mayfield also imagines Jacob but in a different way, as whiteness, to come to his conclusions about the same Divine encounter. 2 pages. 

Coming Out Stories by Debra Mumford, Prof. and Academic Dean, 2 pages.

Shrink the Ocean by Adrian Baker. In conversations about racial equity, Adrian Baker describes why 'shrink the ocean' is a better metaphor and action-oriented vision than building bridges for achieving equity, full inclusion, and justice.

Real Change Takes Community Organizing: Mobilizing for Action. This is a story by the Presbyterian Mission Agency which includes a quick primer / how to for community organizing.  Prof. Angela Cowser and Associate Dean of Black Church Studies describes her experiences.

The liturgy of a black lives matter protest:  Last week in Louisville, I went to church by Professor Shannon Craigo-Snell.  

Intercultural Church - PC(USA)-in-Action
Anti-racism related overtures from GA 224 have been compiled into one easy ~45 pages document.Additionally, the Racism Justice Resources are also available here.

About the Anti-racism Digital Library:  We have started a new Environmental Justice collection and we invite you to browse it. Environmental justice is also known as eco-justice, and in this collection you will find information resources about ecotheology (ecological theology), environmental justice movements, and attempts to achieve environmental equity for all people.

As always, if you know of a resource or want to leave us a comment, we welcome you to do so. We enjoy hearing and learning from our readers. Thanks.