Monday, August 17, 2020

Syllabi for Online Learning

As we move into online learning, here is some new information to include on course syllabi:

1) Instructor's office hours, including virtual office hours, if any
2) Preferred method for reaching instructor, e.g., email, phone, text message
3) Maximum time frame for responding to student communications
4) Technological requirements, especially the minimum hardware and software needed
5) Contact information for IT / Online Learning Help
6) Procedure for resolving technical complaints
7) Information on Library Services for Online Learning

Here is a sample statement that Louisville Seminary faculty may use in their syllabi for items 4, 5, 7:

Technological Requirements 

Students are encouraged to consider the following hardware, software, and Internet connection to ensure that all systems used in our online learning courses will function properly.

  • Hardware
    • A personal computer, laptop, or Mac
      • Processor minimum: 6th Generation or Intel Core i3
      • Memory minimum: 8 GB
      • Storage Capacity Minimum: 250 GB 
      • Wireless Card Minimum: 802.11n
      • Operating system with the latest security updates installed
      • Webcam (many laptops come with an integrated webcam and will not require an external device)
      • USB headset or headphones with microphone
      • Other helpful options include 16 GB or larger USB Flash Drive, external hard drive (for data backup/extra storage), 1920x1080 or better external monitor for desktop use, wired or wireless external mouse, and video display adapters (DVI/HDMI)
    • Zoom System Requirements
  • Software
  • Internet Connection
Contact Information for Louisville Seminary's IT / Online Learning Help Services
Louisville has outsourced IT services to serve as a single point of contact for the technological needs of students, faculty, and all employees. Contact:

Information on Library Services for Online Learning
Online Help Desk:
Fall Online Office Hours:  Starting Sept. 10, Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays: 12 noon - 1 pm