Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Please Return Overdue Books ASAP and Contactless Book Borrowing Pilot

Dear LPTS Community,

We are excited to share the news that despite being short-staffed the library team has started to prepare for contact-less book borrowing. Watch video or read on 😊.  

Action Item for YOU: Please return books that are overdue to the Book Drop outside the library, ASAP. If you need to renew books, please do so. If you no longer need them, please return them so others can borrow as needed. Send any questions/comments to library@lpts.edu

Action Item for US this Week: Two students and two faculty who’d reached out to us – Emily Sauter, Ye In Park, Prof. Garrett, and Prof. Pauw - are helping us test contactless borrowing this week. Jill Sherman, new TS librarian has graciously agreed  and is leading this. Jill will share results with library team and the new Public Services Librarian whose starting date is Oct. 5.   

Despite the loss of three library staff, COVID-19, and all the personal, local, national trauma and confusion, we continue to hold true to the library’s goal to deliver equitable, quality, transparent services. Our commitments and purposes have not changed but we have had to adapt and adopt to new workflows, challenges, systems to navigate, as well as the Seminary’s priority and decision to move into online learning. The library’s Safe Reopening plans in August tries to prioritize our community’s safety, and respect library workers’ concerns for safety as well while balancing the usual and popular in-building services our residential seminary needs along with the online learning support and services we started in March and continue to do. Thanks to all of you who extend us grace, as we navigate our new realities, and continue to lift the library staff and me in your prayers. The library appreciates your support.  

Peace and Prayers,


On behalf of the E.M. White Library Team | With Much Love: YourLibraryAtHome