Online Learning

For the Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 terms instruction will be delivered online. Google Classroom along with other tools will be used for classes at Louisville Seminary. If you need help learning about Google Classroom, check out Teacher training | Student training (video)

See the list below for the technologies used to support teaching and learning, and for links to login to them.

Tools for the Delivery of Online Instruction 

Google Classroom - Asynchronous Lecture Presentations, Notes, and Course related email - Login | Google Classroom Login Instructions
CAMS - Syllabi, Course Reserves, Final Grades, Course Evaluations - Student Login | Faculty Login
Zoom - Synchronous Class Lectures, Appointments, Meetings via Video Conferencing - Zoom
LPTS Outlook - Email Communications for all Seminary business - Remote Login  
Library Portal - Remote access to library resources, services, blog -

IMPORTANT NOTE: COVID-19 financial assistance is available for current students who need support with course materials and technology. Please contact Gina Kuzuoka, financial aid coordinator, for more information

 Summer 2020 - Aug. 10 - 21, 2020

NT 4023 African American New Testament Hermeneutics, Dr. Sue Garrett - Online tech being used in course: Google Classroom, Google Doc, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, Padlet (see this:

TH 3323 Restorative Justice, Dr. Scott Williamson

TH 3943 Communities of Earth and Spirit, Dr. Chris Elwood

Summer - Aug. 17 - 28, 2020

NT Exegesis of Romans, Dr. Marty Soards

Fall - September 10 - Dec. 11, 2020

NT 1013 Elements of New Testament Greek

NT 1323 Letters and Revelation

OT 2063 Exegesis of Judges

OT 1313 Torah and Former Prophets

OT 4253 The Bible in a Religiously Pluralistic World

PW 1003 Basic Preaching

NT 4001 Reading NT Greek

OT 4001 Reading OT Hebrew

CM 1013 Worship, Community, and Pedagogy

PC 2813 Marriage and Family Therapy Research

PC 3043 Theoretical Foundations of MFT

PC 3083 Theories of Change

PC 2233 Abuse and Trauma

TH 1103 Systematic Theology

TF 1133 History of Christian Experience II

ET 1044 Presbyterian Heritage & Polity

TH 3833 Practicing Our Faith

TH 3113 Modern Moral Issues

TH 2443 Religious Diversity in the African Diaspora

SM 1101 Reflection Groups (1st-year MDiv, MAMFT, and MAR)

SM 1201 Reflection Groups (2nd-Year MDiv)

SM 1211 Reflection Groups (2nd-Year MAMFT)

SM 1301 Reflection Groups (3rd-Year MDiv)

SM 1311 Reflection Groups (3rd-Year MAMFT)