Online Learning

 AY 2020-2021 instruction will be delivered online. Google Classroom along with other tools will be used for classes at Louisville Seminary. The list below includes the links to all the technologies being used to support teaching and learning.

Tools for the Delivery of Online Instruction 

Google Classroom - Asynchronous Lecture Presentations, Notes, and Course related email - Login | Google Classroom Login Instructions
CAMS - Syllabi, Course Reserves, Final Grades, Course Evaluations - Student Login | Faculty Login
Zoom - Synchronous Class Lectures, Appointments, Meetings via Video Conferencing - Zoom
LPTS Outlook - Email Communications for all Seminary business - Remote Login  
Library Portal - Remote access to library resources, services, blog -


To learn about Google Classroom, check out Teacher training | Student training (video)

To get financial and student assistance: COVID-19 financial assistance is available for pre-2020 U. S. citizen students who need support with course materials and technology. Please contact Gina Kuzuoka, financial aid coordinator, for more information. Contact
For information on Student Assistance Funds to help with costs associated with learning  technology and access ($300 maximum). Contact Jessica Bowman at

For Classroom accounts, contact the Registrar's Office. Contact Steve Cook at

For IT, campus network access, and academic computing support, contact

For Library-related help, visit the Online Help Desk or email

For Academic support, contact the Academic Support Center (ASC) for support with your coursework, reading, writing, and other study-related work, email Beth:  or Sherry:

CAMS  Readings Status 

CAMs is the definitive repository for all course readings: etextbooks, ebooks, book chapters, journal articles, etc. The links to required and recommended books have been input into your CAMS courses for JTerm 2020 and Spring 2021.The lists below show the status of scanning in progress for course readings  such as book chapters and journal articles. 

Spring 21 - Latest Update Feb. 8, 2021

Interpretation and Proclamation (IP)
NT 1313 Gospels and Acts 
(All requested reserves in CAMS)

OT 1013 Elements of Biblical Hebrew (No reserves requested)

OT 1323 Latter Prophets and Writings (All requested reserves in CAMS)

NT 2023 Exegesis of Mark (All requested reserves in CAMS)

OT 3233 Ethics of Violence in the Old Testament (All requested reserves in CAMS)

NT 4001 Reading New Testament Greek (No reserves requested)

PW 3203 African American Prophetic Preaching (All requested reserves in CAMS)

Building Communities and Nurturing Relationships (CR) and MFT Courses
CE 3163 Formation in Family, Congregation, and Home 
(No reserves requested)

CE 3203 Children's Literature in Life and Faith (No reserves requested)

PC 3093 Ministries of Care and Counseling (All requested reserves in CAMS)

PC 3273 Gender, Race, and Class: Engaging Intersectionality (All requested reserves in CAMS)

PC 3033 Couples Therapy (All requested reserves in CAMS)

PC 3073 Human Sexuality (No reserves requested)

PC 3223 Psychopathology and Pastoral Diagnosis (All requested reserves in CAMS)

Communal Wisdom and Witness (WW)
TF 1123 History of Christian Experience 
(No reserves requested)

TH 2433 Introduction to Black Church Studies (All requested reserves in CAMS)

TH 3523 Christology (All requested reserves in CAMS)

TH 3673 Political and Liberation Theologies (All requested reserves in CAMS)

Seminary & Other Cources
SM 2021 Interspirituality and a Theology of Technology 
(All requested reserves in CAMS)

SM 3003 Faith and Violence (All requested reserves in CAMS)


OT 3263 Womanist Interpretation of the Hebrew Bible (All requested reserves in CAMS)

CE 4103 Writing for the Church (No reserves requested)

PC 3913 Death, Dying, Grief, and Loss (All requested reserves in CAMS)

PW 2503 The Art of Presence: Creative Worship for the People of God (No reserves requested)

TH 2243 Testimony: The Examined Life as Wisdom and Witness (All requested reserves in CAMS)

EM 3173 Paradigms for Christian Mission (No reserves requested)

DM 6461 Seminar I - The Minister in Context (No reserves requested) 

DM 6463 Seminar III - The Minister as Theologian (No reserves requested)

DM 4103 Writing for the Church (No reserves requested)

DM 3913 Death, Dying, Grief, and Loss (All requested reserves in CAMS)